Proud to Sponsor Seminar on Water Management

Water Management Seminar
Championing Sustainability: Newtech Pipes Spearheads the Water Management Seminar in Collaboration with the On-Farm Water Management Department, Ministry of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

In a resounding commitment to fostering sustainable practices and shaping a future where responsible water management takes centre stage, Newtech Pipes proudly announces its sponsorship of the Water Management Seminar. This groundbreaking event is organized by the On-Farm Water Management Department, Ministry of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and is set to unfold on the 4th and 5th of October at the esteemed Paramount Club in Peshawar. The seminar kicks off at 9:00 AM, bringing together experts, stakeholders, and enthusiasts dedicated to charting a course toward a better tomorrow through conscientious water management.

Background and Purpose:

The Water Management Seminar, a collaborative effort between Newtech Pipes and the On-Farm Water Management Department, is a testament to the shared vision of sustainable water practices. It emerges from the pressing need to address water challenges and harness the potential for responsible water management in the region.

Newtech Pipes’ Pioneering Role:

As a leading advocate for sustainable solutions, Newtech Pipes is at the forefront of sponsoring this crucial event. With a focus on water conservation, efficient irrigation methods, and the adoption of eco-friendly piping systems, Newtech Pipes aims to catalyze positive change in the water management landscape.

Seminar Highlights:
  1. Expert Insights and Presentations: Renowned experts and thought leaders in the field of water management will share their insights and expertise. Topics ranging from innovative irrigation techniques to the role of modern piping systems in water conservation will be explored.

  2. Interactive Workshops: Engaging workshops will provide attendees with practical knowledge and hands-on experiences. Participants will gain valuable skills applicable to on-farm water management, fostering a deeper understanding of sustainable practices.

  3. Technological Showcase by Newtech Pipes: Newtech Pipes will present a technological showcase, highlighting the latest advancements in piping systems designed for efficient water distribution. Attendees can explore eco-friendly options that contribute to water conservation and sustainable agriculture.

  4. Panel Discussions and Networking: Thought-provoking panel discussions will facilitate dialogue among participants, encouraging the exchange of ideas and best practices. Networking sessions will provide an opportunity for stakeholders to connect, fostering collaborations for future water management initiatives.

  5. Interactive Q&A Sessions:  In addition to the enriching discussions and Q&A sessions during the seminar, we encourage attendees to reach out to us directly for any further inquiries or to delve deeper into the topics discussed. Your curiosity is valuable, and we welcome the opportunity to engage with you. Feel free to contact us to continue the conversation and explore how together we can contribute to sustainable water management practices.

Newtech Pipes’ Vision for Sustainable Water Management:

Newtech Pipes envisions a future where responsible water management is integral to agricultural practices, environmental conservation, and community well-being. By sponsoring and actively participating in events like the Water Management Seminar, the company reaffirms its commitment to being a catalyst for positive change.

Community Engagement and Outreach:

Beyond the seminar, Newtech Pipes is dedicated to community engagement and outreach programs. The company believes in empowering local communities with knowledge and tools for sustainable water practices, contributing to the overall well-being of the region.

Join the Movement:

Newtech Pipes invites individuals, organizations, and stakeholders passionate about sustainable water management to join this impactful initiative. By attending the Water Management Seminar, participants become active contributors to a shared vision of a greener, more sustainable future.

In conclusion, the Water Management Seminar stands as a beacon of hope and progress, symbolizing the collective effort required to address water challenges in the region. Newtech Pipes, through its sponsorship and active involvement, aims to inspire, educate, and collaborate with others who share the vision of a tomorrow where water is managed responsibly for the benefit of all.

Furthermore, we are excited to share that Newtech Industries recently made its way to Market Watch, Fox News, and hundreds of other reputable news sites. This recognition adds another layer to our commitment to transparency and innovation, and we are pleased to have a broader audience witness our journey.

As we reflect on these achievements, we also take a moment to share some memorable moments from the 3rd Build Expo 2023! It was a fantastic event filled with opportunities to connect, learn, and showcase our commitment to shaping a sustainable and water-secure future. We look forward to continued collaboration and shared progress on these vital fronts


As Newtech Pipes continues to lead the charge in sustainability and innovation, our dedication to driving positive change in water management stands firm. Through active involvement in events like the Water Management Seminar and community outreach initiatives, we aim to equip individuals and organizations with the necessary knowledge and resources for sustainable practices. Our vision transcends mere sponsorship; it embodies a collective endeavor to foster a greener, more sustainable future where responsible water management takes precedence in agricultural practices and environmental preservation. Join us in this crucial movement toward a brighter tomorrow, where every drop contributes to building a more water-secure world.

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