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Manufacturer, PVC, HDPE Pipes, Irrigation Sprinklers

Our Products & Services Includes:

  1. PE Pipe Line Systems
  2. PE Compression Fittings
  3. PE Butt Fusion Fittings
  4. PE Socket Fusion Fittings
  5. PPR Pipe Line Systems
  6. PPR Fittings
  7. uPVC Pipe Line Systems
  8. uPVC Fittings

Newtech PE Pipe Line Systems

We manufacture Newtech PE Pipes for drinking water, town water supply, chemicals industries, natural gas, telecommunication, cable ducting and irrigation systems.

WE are manufacturing HDPE Pipes from 20mm to 90mm diameters (in rolls of 50 meters & above) and 110mm to 250mm in straight length 6 and 12 meters lengths. For PN (Nominal Pressure) series PN-6, PN-8, PN-10, PN-12.5 & PN-16. We are planning to manufacture HDPE Pipes from 300 – 500mm, diameter. Preparation for these pipes are underway.

MDPE Yellow Gas Pipes are applicable for natural gas. We are manufacturing from 3/4 to 4 and 25mm to 110mm diameters with PE80 material, 6 (160mm) diameters with PE100 material as per ISO & ASTM standards of (SNGPL – Sui Northern Gas Pipeline Ltd & SSGCL – Sui Southern Gas Pipeline Company Ltd)

PE Fittings for water supply and PE Fittings for gas are mostly the same; however the raw materials are different. There are three type of fittings available for PE Pipes. We import fittings from abroad.

  1. Butt Fusion Fittings
  2. Socket Fusion Fittings
  3. Compression Fittings
  4. Electro Fusion Fittings

Newtech uPVC Line Pipe Systems

We manufacture uPVC Pipes for drinking water supply, water drainage, irrigation, sewerage lines, tube wells and cable conduit systems.

uPVC Pipes are manufactured in diameters 1/2 to 24 [in straight length up to 6 Mtr] for pressure series Class B [6 Bar], Class C [9 Bar], Class D [12 Bar] and Class E [15 Bar].

Newtech PPR Line Pipe Systems

We manufacture Polypropylene [PPR] Pipes for hot and cold drinking water supply in domestic appliances, industrial and chemical liquid piping systems, piping system for compressed airs and agriculture applications. PPR Pipes are manufactured in diameters 20mm to 110mm [in straight length up to 4 Meters].